Chandran Thinc. is a communications and external affairs consultancy that helps companies and leaders engage better with their stakeholders by thinking differently.

Services we offer.

Strategy development, Advice and Support in the following specialty fields: Communications & External Affairs Strategy, Campaigns, Media Relations, Issues Management, Brand Strategy & Architecture.

Strategy, advice and support in the following specialty fields:

Communications & External Affairs Strategy

We believe that strategy should be at the heart of engaging with any audience

We listen first! Our approach is to get deep within the business to understand the company, its business challenge and the audience or stakeholder’s needs.

With this foundation in place, developing an effective strategy is what we do best, and we draw upon our deep experience to ensure that we have developed an approach that matches the business needs, is process driven and outcomes focussed.

Issues Management & Advocacy

In our experience reacting to issues leads to poor outcomes, and so we work to help you put a process in place to identify and address the risks that can have the biggest impact on a business.

Once identified, our approach is to help develop the right strategy that protects reputation and business performance. This might require advocacy or engagement, or simple preparedness. Either way, our experience in managing issues across different sectors allows us to bring new thinking in that often identifies better solutions.


The main goal of most campaigns is to convert an audience to a desired position. Each industry is different, with different audiences and requiring different channels to market.

We combine our experience in running campaigns across industries including energy, resources, defence and finance to develop an integrated campaign that considers multiple strategies to help achieve the best outcome.

We know that communications and external affairs must be a part of the campaign to ensure success and not sit off to one side. That’s why we enjoy integrating ourselves into the Campaign Team, and ensuring we understand the product and the audience fluently.

And while the end result of a campaign is measured in success, we know that successful campaigns require multiple ‘wins’ over a period of time to secure the end result.

Media Relations

Our approach to engaging with the media goes beyond the traditional ‘PR’ methodology.

We don’t pitch stories, we build relationships with editors, journalists, opinion writers and content production departments of the news media. We understand their needs and it is that understanding that allows us to develop relationships that help our clients engage effectively.

We have built relationships across Australia’s media landscape by using this approach to engagement, and it is a practice that we can help companies adopt, and in doing so build greater functional capability in.

Brand Strategy & Architecture

We’re not talking logos and design – as important as they are. Instead we love to work with companies to research, workshop and develop the key elements that make up a brand. Our approach is to delve deeply into a company’s strategy and culture to develop a clear framework that brings to life what a business stands for and why.

We’ve done this for companies across multiple sectors, and understand that to deliver a brand architecture that truly resonates requires close and broad consultation to allow input and buy-in into the final framework.

Thinking out loud.

Let’s think about this together.

If you have an opportunity or challenge in engaging the people most important to your business, then let’s meet to discuss how we can help and get to know each other better.

From an initial discussion our approach is to work with you to understand the challenge and scope the project brief.


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Let’s talk.

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